Abandoned Hydroelectric Plant

Traveling at around 50 miles per hour on a rural stretch of state highway, I made out a vague shape through the blur of the woods. Something told me this was an abandoned building, and a closer investigation confirmed this. A short trudge through some unbelievably thick woods, I came face to face with a small abandoned hydroelectric plant. The evening light proved great to shoot in. It was surprisingly in great shape, the only real damage was some immature graffiti done sloppily on the cinder block walls. The windows had long been broken and a layer of dead leaves littered the floor, but otherwise this place was in great shape.

After having some fun shooting the old rusted pipes and valves, while using the evening shadows to my advantage, I had a look outside. Remnants of an old railroad line ran behind it, forming a very steep and over grown bank that didn’t seem in place with the otherwise rugged landscape. Below me was a beautiful pool of water that was foaming around several boulders that lay scattered about. I looked to my right and saw where the water was coming from, a dark and narrow old stone tunnel that had been dug underneath the railroad line. Out of the top emerged a rusted pipe, making a sharp curve and disappeared towards the building. I only spent 20 or so minutes in total here, but it was worth the stop. Sometimes you never know just what you’ll find.


DSC_0555_pe DSC_0561 DSC_0566_pe DSC_0569_pe

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