Obscure Vermont



My so called urban exploring profile is relatively prolific, I’ve had the chance to explore many wonderful places and have had memorable experiences in the wake of them. But there is always that one place that stands out from the rest – and on a breezy August morning, I stood in front of what has to be the most unnerving house I have ever explored, and it was the question of why that really… Read More


This dated abandoned house was one of the most awkward explorations I’ve ever embarked on. The small property is located just outside the fringes of a slowly expanding village – where suburbia meets Vermont meadows and neglected rural roadways. Though the property is now surrounded by cloned condominiums with basketball hoops hanging over garages, the house itself is almost invisible,  hidden by its own property that has became a wild entanglement of thorns… Read More


This abandoned house is lost in between the lines of the blur of traffic and the pensive solitude of the woods it sits in. Only a stones throw away from the nightmare that is 5 corners, this house sits alone on the threshold of suburbia, licking its wounds in dense woods that serves as its sanctuary. Time seems to have been forgotten by the modern world here, whose motorists pass it frequently 10 feet beyond… Read More


What was once a farmhouse is now a grave, the keepsakes inside laying there for years and don’t mean much now. The winter snow filled up my shoes as I made my way inside. The floors fared no better, fresh snowdrifts covered the mounds of garbage that absorbed my footsteps, the strong smell of kerosene assaulted my nose. The house was in shambles and absolutely filthy. Some of the walls were tagged with… Read More


It seems this year it rains every time the summer sends her best. The weather hasn’t been ideal for adventuring, with a string of floods and road washouts. So when a rare overcast afternoon came my way, I took advantage of it. Getting together with a good friend, we set off for West Bolton, a remote area located high in the slopes of the Green Mountains, only accessible by a labyrinth of back… Read More


Half a century passed by, and by now, nothing remained of this modest house apart from its trembling wooden frame sheltering a few broken relics and years of blood and sweat that an able bodied worker gave underneath the glow of the mercury light bulbs. Dreams and desires which moved like the fog over the Worcester Mountains, eventually given up and missed away. The inside of the house is barren, its labored… Read More


I’ll never forget my first impression of this abandoned farmhouse. I came across it underneath quiet summer skies as the evening was cooling off – and that was when my body tensed as I heard the almost deafening sound of thousands of flies consuming the walls and roof of the wooden farmhouse. It was ensnared by leafy foliage, which concealed most of it from my view – whatever existed inside the decaying interior that… Read More

house by the lake

Summer was long gone. This was especially evident near Lake Champlain, as the cold winds blew from the lake and the trees were finally beginning to show hints of yellows and reds. On a rut laden dirt road that meandered along a long stretch of beach choked with driftwood sat a deteriorating relic from a simpler time – the abandoned husk of a summer camp that has witnessed the transformation of the landscape and the neighborhood since the… Read More

Elgin Springs

In 1850, Hiram Allen would discover Elgin Spring on his property near Vergennes, and knew he had found a way to turn a profit during the spring hotel craze of the antebellum age, a popular therapeutic treatment at that time. He built an elegant Greek Revival addition onto his cottage style farmhouse and turned his property into a hotel, located on the crest of sloping pasture lands, with a beautiful view fading into… Read More


The area surrounding iconic Camel’s Hump is a rugged landscape of wild forests, rocky mountain streams, dirt roads and mountain villages. The centerpiece of all this is of course Camel’s Hump and the surrounding state forest that bears the name of the mountain that dominates the landscape. There is also a great deal of abandoned houses, trailers and cars here – all with different stories to tell. While traveling a rather narrow rut choked… Read More