Obscure Vermont


Those who know me know that I’m a huge cartography buff. That love really perpetuated when I was 10, when my mother bought me a DeLorme atlas of Vermont, and I became enthralled with it, thoroughly memorizing every detail I could. But what is it about maps that are so irresistible to me? Maybe because of their limitless potential, and their ability to unlock the mysteries of our world. Maps tell us how things in… Read More

Fog shrouded the barren farmlands as icy winds sputtered and spinned outside the car as we moved down Route 22A through the flats of Addison County. There is something about late Fall, the odd transition period of old and the rebirth of Spring that is strangely ideal for adventuring. There is a certain melancholy about this time of year that rides the winds that blow in off the lake, something that a… Read More

If you asked a Vermonter where the town of Chittenden was, a lot of people would probably be confused. Some would ask if you meant Chittenden County instead, and others would probably just shrug apologetically. If you do happen to know about this off beat community, chances are you know about the storied Eddy Brothers, who over a century ago vexed the world by conjuring shapeless entities and communicating with the unknown within their ramshackle… Read More

Duxbury Road – a strip cut through the mountainous topography of the Green Mountain spine. Starting as a paved road in tiny Jonesville, it quickly turns to dirt on the Bolton town line, and then becomes a desolate drive of potholed thoroughfare on its way to Duxbury, that rolls up and down steep hardwood shrouded ledges with exposed granite cliff walls that form the banks of the great Winooski River, which meanders its… Read More

Photo: Courtesy of Owen Mulligan. Perhaps no other haunted location in Vermont is as fabled as Emily’s Bridge, and it’s arguable that because it’s a covered bridge, this storied construction turned celebrity is distinctively a Vermont monstrosity.  Look in any book of ghost stories and local lore written in the New England area, and Emily’s Bridge is almost sure to be included. Growing up, I heard the legends of Emily’s Bridge, as… Read More

This would be my first time visiting the Berkshires of Massachusetts, and as far as first introductions go, in my humble opinion, this was a great one. We were looking for a place with the rather morbid nickname, “The Bloody Pit” The “Bloody Pit” is a bit of a misnomer, mostly because it’s actually not a pit, but rather, a tunnel. Officially called The Hoosac Tunnel, this 5 mile tunnel burrows through… Read More

You know that old adage, that every (New England) town has a haunted house? Well, in my case, that turned out to be true. There is something strange about this old farmhouse located on a heavily traveled town highway near Chittenden County. As far as first impressions go, the strange feeling can start from your first glance. In a world where we expect things to fall into man made symmetry, this house… Read More