Obscure Vermont


Ever since we started narrating our folklore collectively as a species, we’ve always marked the wildest places of our topography as incubators of contagion shotgun blasts for the darkest, grimmest things our human minds can create, existing in a variety of forms. These tales often like to hang around well into the intervening years where they should become obsolete, and yet, they don’t. We all deal with the dangers of the world… Read More

“Wow, how does a place like this even exist?” mulled my friend aloud, lost in her own luminous reverie. I had seen photos of this beautiful dereliction online, but I was just as awed, as the stagnant cold inside stung my hands. The early morning wintry cold was still hanging over the misty hills of Bolton flats in a hundred shades of blue as we departed for southern New England. While we drove we sat in… Read More

Winooski’s gentrification or rejuvenation, depending on your view point I guess, hasn’t gone unnoticed. The one square mile mill town across the river of the same name that divides it from the overshadowing city of Burlington has began to become known as “Burlington’s Brooklyn”, which is just another recent addition to a long list of American cities that are comparing themselves to the New York City borough in it’s own startling transition from… Read More

This striking building sits amidst a blue collar neighborhood of tired houses and local watering holes, but despite its stand out location on a property void of trees, the building is easy to miss because of its distant perch from the main road out front. Turning down the dead end side street that runs along the side of the rambling property, you begin to notice its beautiful symmetry. Constructed in 1946 in… Read More

Strangely Isolated from its central village location and untouched for more than 30 years – this place has the eerie kind of remoteness where every noise heard inside its cavernous and dark interior is startling, and the thought of this once being an active business with a vibrant human presence borders on the absurd. What was once a prosperous creamery seemed to have suffered the same inevitable fate as other Vermont creameries…. Read More

Winooski is a brawny old mill town built intentionally on a series of cascades on it’s namesake river that would power the woolen mills that built the city, and a prevalent French Canadian populace that affixed their surnames to street signs and brought down francophone media from Quebec. The textile mills both lifted the city up, and then let it fall when the industry went bust. The flood of 1927 was particularly harsh… Read More

The sad reality that winter was on its way was all too evident as me and a friend set out for a journey into Northern Vermont. Most of the hillsides were grey and barren and the grass had long lost its summer sheen. However in Downtown Saint Albans, the stately Maples in Taylor Park still retained their Red and Orange leaves, an ideal ceiling for the bustling gathering on the sprawling lawn…. Read More

As the chill in this season sputtered and spit outside, I was comfortably warm inside the car as we headed on a 7 hour drive from the Burlington area to unfamiliar territory. But my friend grew up in this part of the North Country, and was playing tour guide today. It felt nice to get out of Vermont and see new places I was completely unfamiliar with, leading on with nothing but my… Read More

Traveling at around 50 miles per hour on a rural stretch of state highway, I made out a vague shape through the blur of the woods. Something told me this was an abandoned building, and a closer investigation confirmed this. A short trudge through some unbelievably thick woods, I came face to face with a small abandoned hydroelectric plant. The evening light proved great to shoot in. It was surprisingly in great… Read More